Cambridge Blue Beer Fest

At the end of June the Cambridge Blue (a great pub on Gwydir St, Cambridge) had a week-long beer festival. I tried some fantastic beers from the main bar, their tap room, and the marquee they had set up in their large beer garden. My favourites were Fanny Ebbs Summer Ale from Tring – very light and citrussy – and Crouch Vale Golden Duck which was hoppy and gorgeous.

We got there too late and missed out on Fox’s Heacham Gold, one of our favourites at this year’s Cambridge Beer Festival, and also missed out on Wolf’s Golden Jackal. Surprisingly I didn’t really enjoy Salopian’s Hop Twister or Derventio’s Summer Solstice (anything with hops or summer in the title is generally something I am drawn to!) – I found they both had strange flavours and not very easy to drink. But Nethergate’s Dew Drop made for a refreshing finish – it’s only 3.9% and the special house beer of the Blue, which was formally named the Dewdrop Inn. We went to the pub on the day of the Gwydir Street Party, which takes place every year, and the atmosphere was great with the road closed to traffic and live music in the street, stalls selling books, children running around chalking pictures onto the road, other kids were jamming on their guitars. Residents had dragged their sofas out onto the street and were sitting chatting to their neighbours and eating together. It was lovely standing outside the Blue and listening to the live music, all the nicer with beer in hand.

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