Oakham Inferno

Just been to the Maypole in Cambridge and was delighted to see Oakham Inferno on tap. What can I say, I just love Oakham beers.  Oakham has to be one of my favourite breweries, if not my actual favourite. I can tell as soon as I smell the beer if it’s an Oakham ale, mainly by their “sherbet” hops aroma – zingy, heady… you just can’t top it in my opinion. Inferno is 4.0%, incredibly pale and citrussy, the lemon jumps out at you, and the colour of the ale is almost luminous. This award winning beer is the sort of beer you can drink like pop. And I pretty much did.

Oakham Inferno

Oakham Inferno

Other Oakham beers that I love, and have no doubt mentioned on previous posts, are JHB,  the beautiful, easy drinking, hoppy, golden session ale at 3.8%, and Bishop’s Farewell at 4.6% which is even more intensly hoppy and stronger, although still knockbackable (that’s the only word I can use to describe it, and in fact how I would describe all the Oakham ales that I like).  I tried Mompesson’s Gold the other day in the Regal, which is very ‘Oakham’ but just on the verge of being too strong for me at 5% but very nice all the same, I just can’t drink as much of it. Oakham Citra at 4.2% is another wonderful straw coloured beer. The grapefruit flavour and Citra hops burst out of the glass; there is no doubting that this is an Oakham beer.

The Maypole is, by the way,  a lovely little real ale pub, tucked away on Portugal Place, a little alleyway off the main drag of ancient Bridge Street, where there are several pubs and restaurants.  Also on tap there was Canary Pale Ale from Green Jack Brewery, a pleasant hoppy ale but not heady like the Inferno. There was also Sparta from Milton, a lovely beer, as well as beers from the good old St Austell Brewery, Tribute and Tinners. The Maypole also serves tasty Italian food, if you are feeling hungry!

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  1. If you like Oakham beers, you should try the Live & Let Live, there’s usually at least one on.

    • Thanks for the tip Steve, I haven’t been to the Live for a while, will have to pop down there…

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