Trashy Blonde v. Eurotrash

I was recently given a couple of bottles of BrewDog’s Eurotrash, a prototype beer which is a reworking of their regular Trashy Blonde recipe – the difference being Belgian yeast is used as opposed to American yeast. Should this make much of a taste difference? Only one way to find out – fight!!


Trashy Blonde poured with quite a large foamy head and was golden in colour, whereas the Eurotrash had a flatter head and was slightly paler.

Trashy Blonde v Eurotrash

Trashy Blonde v Eurotrash


Trashy Blonde had a wonderfully sweet and pungently hoppy aroma which made me want to drink it all immediately. But I held back. Eurotrash, incredibly, was completely different and gave the aroma of, well, a European lager beer, with what seemed like a hint of wheat. I didn’t want to drink this one straightaway. Not pleasant.


Trashy Blonde is a taste sensation. Crazily hoppy, sweet, citrussy, and very very moorish. A special beer. It’s those USA Amarillo and Simcoe hops, and possibly the American yeast. I already wanted to drink more after my first sip. Wow.

Eurotrash didn’t have the same effect on me. In fact, it had the opposite effect. It just tasted of a Belgian lager beer which I really don’t enjoy to be honest, give me ale any day. I couldn’t taste the wonderful hops, drowned out by the unpleasant Belgian yeast, but it did taste quite sweet which was unexpected. It was also slightly more carbonated than the Trashy Blonde.

To sum up…

The original Trashy Blonde is the far superior beer. It’s special, full of unique character, drinkable, fruity, moorish, tasty, whereas I didn’t see any redeeming qualities with the Eurotrash, in fact I gave mine away as I couldn’t finish it. And that doesn’t happen very often. Eurotrashed. BrewDog, you have a fantastic recipe with Trashy Blonde. Please don’t change it.

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  1. I reckon Euro Trash would work better with a stronger ABV. As it was it was insipid dish water. Give me Trashy Blonde any day.

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