Oakham Citra in a bottle

Well, Oakham Ales have gone and done it now. One of my favourite breweries has only gone and bottled one of my favourite cask beers, Citra (you may have heard me mention this beer once or twice) . That’s me done for.

Oakham Citra

Oakham Citra

No, really, if you haven’t tried Citra then I recommend you get your hands on some bottles. It’s straw coloured, pours with a frothy white head, and the grapefruit aroma knocks your socks off. Then the first sip blows your head off. The beer fills your mouth with powerful citrussy hops and sweet fruit flavours with an underlying bitterness. It’s truly magical, just like it’s cask version, and impossible to stop drinking once you have started. It’s lovely. The beer label is also beautiful, a magical ivy-covered green hop man – the label would jump out at me and shout ‘buy me!’ even if I wasn’t intending to.

I found my bottled Citra in the Cambridge Wine Merchants on Kings Parade; however, I know Bacchanalia on Mill Road, Cambridge, stocks them too – this fantastic store would have been my first port of call if I hadn’t spotted them first when I was in the city centre.

Thanks Oakham, yet again you inspire me to write about your beers!

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  1. Mmm. Gotta get me some soon. By the way, the character on the bottle label is based on a hop flower (not an ivy covered green man).

    • Haha, OK, a hoppy green man then! 😉 Yeah, it is great beer, I’m already out of bottles of it, it’s going down far too nicely!

  2. I discovered this selling for £1.19 at my local B&M Bargains store that always has decent bin end bottles. Fabulous and dare I say the light carbonation makes it more refreshing than the cask version that I’ve since tried.

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