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I am a girl who likes beer. This is really just an excuse to write about beer – beers I like, beers I don’t like, breweries I love, beers I want to try, and great pubs that I’ve found. I don’t drink much (I can’t actually drink very much without getting a massive hangover, more’s the pity), and I don’t profess to be an expert on beer. I just enjoy real ale and craft beer – it doesn’t matter to me if it’s cask or keg as long as it’s good quality beer. I enjoy hunting out decent pubs/tap rooms/beer festivals/any event selling beer,  and I enjoy talking and writing about them. That’s pretty much it.

I live in Cambridge, so most of my wafflings will probably be about pubs and beer in the local area, although I do like to travel and write, and I do drink beer wherever I go, so anywhere could (and generally does) get a mention.

Enjoy, and if you like what you read or find any of it useful leave a comment if you fancy it.


Published on July 22, 2008 at 3:28 pm  Comments (19)  

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  1. Good to find another girl who likes a beer. We’re also in Cambridge and hope to be premiering our PintPicker system at the upcoming Cambridge Blue festival (June 2009). You are welcome to check it out – http://www.pintpicker.co.uk – we need more tasters on board. Do let us know what you think – the website should be fairly self-explanatory.



    • Hi Dawn, thanks for your comment, hope you are enjoying the blog. I will take a look at Pint Picker and see if I can get involved, good luck with it all!

  2. Dear Loulah
    I am friend of Andrea Lucchese, your ex colleague, he told me about your blog. In spite of being sicilian and living in palermo I am a real ale drinker and lover. I was recently with andrea in cambridge and we went for some old pubs where real ale is well served and respected (the mill, cambridge blue, kingston arms etc.), I am pleased those are also the pubs you mention in your blog. I fully agree with you about grenne kings ales…plain not interesting and it is a shame that the nicest pubs are owned by that brewery (not surprising though). I just desagree with you about the Oakham JHB, I have tried it in the cambridge blue and did not like it at all…too floreal(is it english ?) for my taste. I do not like these straw-coloured ales so fruity and perfumed,my taste is more the traditional bitter copper or dark coloured with a strong hops aroma. And the porters and the milds…ah I wish I could find a mild here in Sicily. God have in heaven who first invented the mild ale ! Have you ever tried the ales of St peter’s brewery? If not next time you are in london don’t miss the jarusalem tavern near farringdon tube station….a real ale paradise, and a nice pub.
    Ciao and congratulations for this blog


    • Ciao Gianluca, thanks for your feedback! I am glad you enjoyed my blog and had a good trip to Cambridge and visited some of the best pubs while you were here. I guess we can’t always share the same taste in beers, but I do love the hoppy, floral and citrussy beers, they are my favourites. I have tried a couple of St Peters beers, the organic ale and the bitter – and thanks for the tip about the Jerusalem Tavern, I will check it out when next in London! There is actually a real ale festival in Cambridge next weekend which will have a lot of the darker beers that you like, it’s a shame your trip didn’t cooincide with that. I will add a post about it after the event! Ciao, grazie, e salutami Andrea!

  3. Dear Loulah
    Thank you for your positive comments about our beers, it really does make the job worth doing. When we began the project to revive Phipps NBC we had a good idea that those older drinkers who mourned its passing 40 years ago would rejoice in its return. However we have been so pleased to see so many people take the beer to their hearts who like us were too young to taste it first time round. What started as a “what if” thought in an idle moment is fast becoming our main mission in life. Knowing that people such as yourself can be won over to our cause, that the beer stands up for itself even if its history isn’t known, gives us encouragement and strength to press on to bring back more historic brews and build the company back into one of the region’s best.
    Cheers Alaric Neville, Phipps NBC

  4. Hi Alaric,

    Thanks, that’s really nice to hear. Best of luck with the beers!

    I didn’t know the background to the brewery until I tried your beers, liked them, found a leaflet in the Railway Inn in Ketton and looked into the history, which was so interesting I had to write about it! It was especially of interest to me as I am originally from Northampton and have been to the Pickering Phipps on several occasions, so am really pleased to see that your beer is on there on a permanent basis now as well as in many other pubs in the area – I will have to do a ‘Phipps NBC crawl’ next time I am in town!

    Hopefully your beer will spread as far as Cambridge in the near future!

    Best of luck,

  5. Nice. I just moved to Bicester from Stretham as a result of a job change, but my blog has a lot of alternate takes on many of the same pubs (I’ve been here 14 months and have visited over 300 different pubs, mostly Cambridgeshire)…stop by http://1pumplane.wordpress.com and check it out sometime (and, just ignore the rude Hash House Harriers related nonsense).

    • Thanks for the comments. Nice site, you’ve got some good pics of pub signs on there!

      • Well over a thousand at this point. Keep fighting the good fight on your end.

  6. Good blog…just doing a site for Ulverston Brewing Company and found this in my searches! Well done! Kay http://www.socialdivamarketing.com

    • Thanks Kay! Good luck with your site, will check it out when it’s done 🙂

  7. Dear Loulah,
    did it really need to take more than 2 years to find out you had such a great blog?!?! Now I have so many pubs and beers to catch up with … not that it sounds bad, anyway 😉

    Cya soon,

  8. I see you write about great pubs you have found – we’re actually trying to hunt down the pub that serves the best pint in Britain (voted for by the public) and if you’ve stumbled upon a particular fave along the way would be great if you could take a sec to vote for them http://www.wesureservegoodbeer.com/nominate_pub.cfm

    Best of luck with the Blog – its a cracker!

    • Thanks Lauren!
      I will check out the site and cast a vote – it’s tough to pick just one pub though!
      Good luck!

  9. I just stumbled on your blog…it’s great to find a fellow, female beer lover. I live in Cambridge but work in London and organise a monthly ‘Quality SE1 Pub Crawl’ around the London Bridge area http://www.facebook.com/qualityse1pubcrawl
    I’ll have to keep checking in for local beer news.

    • Great, thanks for your comments Jo – if I am in London I will check out your pub crawl!

  10. I’ve only just picked up your site, have you tried The Beerhouse in Bury St. Edmunds? A great pub that now brews its own beer. I recommend their porter, or American Blonde, or Pale Ale, or, well take your pick..

    • Hi Frank, yes I have, the Beerhouse is a great pub, I keep meaning to write a post about it. Their porter is spectacular. Must go back for more soon!

  11. hi the wife and me stayed at the old cannon brewry in bury st edmunds looking for the same sort of accomadtion in your lovely city with plenty of real ale. we flexable in date may or june for a couple of night or any offers can you help thanks mike and jean

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