IMG_4182Here are some articles I’ve written about beer for different publications including Local Secrets, Viator, and ALE magazine:


Cambridge Beer Festival (Local Secrets, May 2016)

Winter Beer Festivals (Local Secrets, January 2016)


Best Autumn Beer Festivals (Local Secrets, September 2015)

Cambridge Beer Festival (Local Secrets, May 2015)

Battle of the Brewers – The Mill, Cambridge (Local Secrets, April 2015)

Cambridge CAMRA Pub Awards (Local Secrets, April 2015)

Cambridge 19th Winter Ale Festival (Local Secrets, January 2015)


Cambridge Octoberfest (Local Secrets, October 2014)

Cambridge Beer Festival  (Local Secrets, May 2014)

5 Top UK Breweries – Rise in adventurous and artisan ales (Local Secrets, February 2014)

Ales in Aldeburgh – A rainy pub crawl in a Suffolk seaside town (ALE magazine, Cambridge CAMRA, Spring 2014 – PDF doc, pages 16-17)

Cambridge Winter Ale Festival 2014– Local brewers showcase range of winter warmers (Local Secrets, January 2014)

Best Winter Beer Festivals – Ales to warm you up in January and February (Local Secrets, January 2014)

Keg bar


Best Winter Ales (Local Secrets, October 2013)

Cheers to Octoberfest! (Local Secrets, October 2013)

Superb Summer Ales – Five beautiful beers to drink this summer (Local Secrets, August 2013)

Summer’s Best Beer Festivals (Local Secrets, July 2013)

Beer Bonanza! Cambridge Beer Festival Celebrates 40 years  (Local Secrets, May 2013)

Showcasing Locally-Brewed Beer – Sampling beer at the East Anglian Beer Festival (Local Secrets, April 2013)

Searching for Moonshine – Sampling beer at the Cambridge Winter Ale Festival 2013 (Local Secrets, January 2013)

Winter Beer and Cheer – Wonderful winter warmers (Local Secrets, January 2013)

Blue Moon - Redwell Pale Ale



Haunted Hostleries – Where to get a terrifying tipple this Halloween (Local Secrets, October 2012)

Top of the Hops – The search for Champion Beers in Peterborough (Local Secrets, September 2012)

London for Beer Lovers (Viator, July 2012)

Beer by the Water – A quest to find the best riverside beer garden (Local Secrets, July 2012)

Beer Festivals Galore! (Local Secrets, July 2012)

The Other Side of the Bar – The Cambridge Beer Festival 2012 from a new angle (Local Secrets, May 2012)

Winter Beer at the Hopbine – from Einstock Icelandic White to Espresso Stout (Local Secrets, February 2012)

Cambridge Winter Ale Festival 2012 – Beer and Winter Cheer (Local Secrets, January 2012)



A Tour around the pubs of the Kite (ALE magazine, Cambridge CAMRA, September 2011)

Peterborough Beer Festival – So many beers, so little time (Local Secrets, August 2011)

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